Cabin In The Woods Escape Room

(Coming Soon)

Can you follow the clues, solve the mysteries, and make your escape back to civilisation? Our new Cabin In The Woods escape room is the ultimate adventure escape room experience.

Are you ready for the ultimate adventure escape room experience?

When you come round you struggle to remember what happened. You’re locked in a cell with no sign of anyone else around; you can only see trees through the window. You try shouting for help, but no one comes, you must be really far out in the woods.

The first thing you need to do is get out of your cell, and then find something that explains what’s happened and hope you can make it back to society before whoever did this to you returns!

Our Escape rooms are perfect for team building events, stag/hen do’s, birthday parties, date night and much more!

Will you be lost in the woods?

You have 60 minutes to find out what’s going on, and get out of there before your captor returns!


All our rooms are priced the same

2 people – £38 (£19 each)
3 people – £54 (£18 each)
4 people – £68 (£17 each)
5 people – £80 (£16 each)
6 people – £90 (£15 each)
7 people – £98 (£14 each)
8 people – £104 (£13 each)

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What They Say About Our Escape Rooms

      Locked in the Murder Mystery Escape Room with my two granddaughters aged 13 and 10.... the clock ticking and an abundance of clues and puzzles to solve; pictures, letters and postcards to interprete. We had a brilliant time! Everything is, well planned and well thought...More

    thumb SuePM1955

      We went to stuck in the riddle for a friends birthday. The host was funny and welcoming and we were lead to the murder mystery room within a few minutes of arriving. The riddles were well though out and the hour flew by ! I...More

    thumb LJ610

      From the very start we were impressed. Easy to book, excellent welcome and explanation of what was in store for us and a really well thought out challenge. The only disappointment was that we were not up to the task of solving the Murder Mystery....More

    thumb Sunlounger99

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