Welcome to your new hobby!

Firstly, on behalf of everyone here at Stuck In The Riddle, allow me to welcome you to your brand new hobby. Once you’ve had your first escape room experience, it won’t be long before you’re wanting to try again. But where do you even start? Will you be able to do it? Do you need any sort of prior knowledge or special skills? Here’s our beginner’s guide to escape rooms.


Choose your team, and choose wisely. Most escape room games are designed for between 2 and 7 people. Each team size comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. A smaller team will have a better idea of what has been searched, found or used but may feel overwhelmed by the scale of task ahead of them. A larger team can search a room more quickly, but may find it harder to keep track of everything that’s going on. Whatever your team size, you’re looking for people you can communicate well with, as you will have to work together if you want to escape the room within the allotted time.


Wherever you live, you’re not far from at least one escape room. Have a look at the rooms in your local area, and choose a theme than tickles your fancy. Maybe you’re in the mood to unravel a murder-mystery, or puzzle your way through the dark ages and escape a dungeon to reclaim your throne. If you can think of a scenario, there will be an escape room for it somewhere!


Most escape rooms will ask you to arrive around fifteen minutes before the start of your booked game. These precious minutes before your game begins are for your briefing – your Game Master will take you through what to expect in your game. This covers the basics of health of safety, including any items in the room which are off-limits for your protection, as well as a lowdown on the sort of padlocks you will find within the room itself. There might even be a few hints and tips thrown in as well, so make sure you pay attention!

After the briefing comes the story. This is the scenario you find yourself in. The Game Master sets the scene, providing you with a goal to work to as you make your escape. For example, if you suddenly find yourself accused of murder, you should use your hour wisely and try and work out who actually carried out the dastardly deed, and how. Whatever situation you find yourself in, make sure you pay attention – you never know if there will be something in there that will help you out later in the game.


Once you’re in the room the real fun begins. You need to look everywhere to solve the many puzzles and riddles between you and your freedom.

  • Remember to work together as a coherent puzzle-solving team.
  • Look everywhere. Don’t be afraid to take things off the walls. Look behind things. Under things. In things. Look everywhere.
  • Make sure you read things out loud for the other team members to hear.
  • Make a discard pile, where you can put clues and riddles that you have solved so that you don’t get confused. Once you have found and used a code to open a padlock, you won’t need to use that code again.
  • If you have an idea, speak up. It might be wrong, but then again you might be hailed as some kind of puzzle solving genius!
  • Don’t over-complicate things. There’s nothing worse than trying to solve a puzzle that doesn’t exist!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your Game Master is there to ensure that you have a thoroughly enjoyable experience. They will provide you with a gentle nudge in the right direction when needed.
  • Don’t worry about how much time you have left.



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