What to expect behind that door

We have already covered everything you need to know about playing an Escape Room for the first time. But what about the rooms themselves? What should you expect once that door closes and the timer begins?

Broadly speaking, the Escape Room experience you play will be one of two types.

Linear Escape Room

A linear room is best described as one in which you follow a set path through the puzzles. Our Dungeon Escape Room is, on the whole, a linear escape experience. With a few exceptions, you’ll find that each clue leads to the next, which leads to the next and so on until you are free. Linear rooms can be excellent starting points for new players as the game focuses your attention on one puzzle at a time. Linear rooms can (and do) include some non-linear elements because we like to keep you on your toes.

Non-Linear Escape Room

In a non-linear room, you’ll find a variety of puzzles which might all lead in different directions. Our Murder Mystery Escape Room is an example of a non-linear escape experience. A non-linear room can be quite daunting as it is not often obvious where to start. In fact, usually there are multiple starting points in non-linear rooms. A puzzle chain will lead you to an element of a larger puzzle which will need to be resolved later in the game. This could be, for example, collecting batteries to use in a torch, or piecing together a riddle written on jigsaw pieces. A non-linear room will often become more linear towards the end of the game.

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