The final member of your team

A Game Master is responsible for ensuring you have the best escape room experience possible. They will provide you with all the exciting health and safety information, set the scene for the game and get you psyched up and ready to play. And, most importantly, they will be on-hand throughout your game to offer you hints for any puzzles you get stuck on.

Simply put, the Game Master is the vital final member of your team.

But just who are they and what makes them tick?

Game Master Andy, up a mountain

Short in stature but big in beard, Andy is a relative newcomer to the joys of Yorkshire living, having spent his formative years under grey Mancunian skies.

Andy is a sports nut, with a particular penchant for both football and rugby. If you ask him very nicely, he might even keep you up-to-date with your chosen sporting scores during the course of your game.


Game Master Jake, in a bath of balloons

Jake was a huge nerd long before it was cool to be a huge nerd. A passionate gamer, he gets most of his Vitamin D from the sunny, desert levels of popular video games. When he’s not playing games – video, board or escape – he’s most likely baking. Or sleeping.

A former banking drone, with a degree in Colour and Polymer Chemistry, Jake has escaped the rat race and much prefers locking people in rooms for a living.


Game Master Effiena, counting her gold

Effiena is our newest Game Master, having only recently joined the Stuck In The Riddle team. She likes gymnastics, and makes vegan nail polish in a secret laboratory in her basement.

Effiena has a string of allergies longer than most children’s Christmas lists. She finds it particularly upsetting that she has to go through life unable to freely eat cake.



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