Murder and Mystery Surrounds Annual Farringdon Dinner Party

MURDER and mystery has come to the quiet elegance of Farringdon Manor.

Robert Farringdon, the current Lord of the manor, was murdered at his annual dinner party last night. The dinner party, which has been held at Farringdon Manor for nearly fifty years, is attended by Lord and Lady Farringdon’s closest friends as well as other select individuals. The murder is said to have taken place at the close of the dinner party. The murder location and cause of death have not yet been revealed.

A source, who wishes to remain anonymous, has stated that Lord Farringdon had been acting strangely before the dinner party. “It’s almost like he knew something was going to happen,” the source told our reporter. “He locked himself in his study for most of the day before the party. His Lordship seemed pre-occupied all through dinner. He didn’t seem to have much time for his guests. Normally he could talk the hind legs off a donkey, could his Lordship, especially about sailing!

One of the downstairs staff also mentioned that they had seen Lord Farringdon having a meeting with an unknown man who spoke with an accent. “He was a strange fellow,” they said. “A little man, in an expensive-looking suit.

Initial reports suggest that between two and eight suspects were locked in the study by one of Lord Farringdon’s closest friends, Colonel Williams. The police, once called, took an hour to arrive at Farringdon Manor. If it wasn’t for Colonel Williams’ quick thinking,  it is thought these suspects would have got away.  There is no indication, at this point, how many of these suspects are responsible for the murder.

Lord Robert Farringdon is survived by his wife, Lady Charlotte, and three children.

This publication has approached the police for comment. No response was available at the time of going to press.


– Extract from the Little Huxley Gazette 13th July 1938

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