Interview with Tom Clark

Today we have a mini interview with the owner of our escape room in Huddersfield!

Tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Tom Clark. I went to University of Huddersfield to study music production and have stayed around here ever since. I work full time at a family printing business in Bradford alongside running Stuck in the Riddle behind the scenes. I also play in a function band of my own making – TC’s Funky Nuts. Finally, but most importantly, I have a four month old son who I expect will take over one day, he’s already done 7 escape rooms!

What made you decide you wanted to own an escape room?

I’ve always wanted to start my own business, and after being introduced to escape rooms by some friends it seemed like a fun venture to try. I’ve always had an interest in puzzles and riddles, so I quite liked the challenge of having to write my own and make it all come together to form my own escape room

How do you come up with the puzzles for the rooms?

It’s a constant process really. I’m always getting inspiration from every day things and then have to brain storm with Becky (my wife) about how to get it into a workable form to put into a game. I have a couple of other games already half written but need the time and space to make them a reality! Sometimes you can run into a bit of a mental block, but if you take a step back and have a bit of a break you can usually get back into the flow and come up with some fresh ideas!

What’s it like owning an escape room?

I like that it’s something a bit different to tell people when they inevitably ask what I do for a job. They’re always really intrigued and ask lots of questions after I say I own an escape room! It’s also been really great to meet other escape room owners. It’s not massively competitive as we all have the ultimate aim to promote escape rooms and everyone has been so friendly and helpful.

If you could do absolutely anything and the sky was the limit, what kind of room would you like to create?

I’d like to set up a gravity-less game in space with a few real life aliens to boot!

There you have it folks! A little insight into the creator of Stuck in the Riddle. If you have any further questions post them below and we can do a part 2!

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