The new fun place to be in Huddersfield

After a very successful opening weekend we are now well and truly up and running! It’s been a lot of fun watching people take on the puzzles that we’ve been working on for the last couple of months, and it’s great to finally have some names up on our leader board. We met plenty of lovely people that took on the dungeon and it was great to chat about escape rooms with other fans – so much so that it inspired us to make some free time and go and play one ourselves!

With a couple of jobs left to sort it won’t be long before we start on the next game, which we’d like to get up and running before Christmas. We have plenty of ideas for puzzles, and we are now working on bringing it all together to fit within our murder mystery setting.

Fingers crossed the bookings keep coming and we get even busier over the next few months!

Stuck In The Riddle

Find us at:

First Floor
3 Cherry Tree Centre
Half Moon Street

The entrance is located to the right of Coral Bookmakers

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